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The PTZ-3030-NC17 is a full-spectrum camera solution in one integrated package. It includes a thermal imager for extreme low light conditions, or environments clouded by haze, rain, smoke, or fog, and a color day/night switching camera that can be used for precise recognition, identification, or assessment. The thermal imager can detect a man at over 2100 m. The high contrast imager will allow the user to readily identify objects in both direct sunlight and absolute darkness.

The day/night camera includes a 26x optical zoom. A separate IP encoder is required for network connection. When connected to an IP network, the pan, tilt, and zoom functions can be controlled automatically and precisely from anywhere using the click-to-point and preset view features of the IVC Relay Server Software.

The cameras are sealed and pressurized to IP-67 and the PT mechanism is sealed to IP-66.