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eLAN™ Modular Linux-based Servers

RuggedCom’s eLAN™ product family solves a wide range of communications and data integration issues, from the substation to the control center and into the enterprise. The eLAN™ family of products is based on the Linux operating system and includes the Substation Communications Server,Universal DNP Gateway and Front End Processor. Each product is focused on a specific application within the utility’s communication infrastructure. The central benefit of using eLAN™ solutions is that a broad range of users within the utility are given secure access to the IED information that they require, made available in a format they understand, whenever they need it. When used with other RuggedSolutions™ applications for secure remote access and data presentation and analysis, the user benefits from ease of integration and implementation.

Elan - Image 1.jpg

Features and Benefits

  • Open, flexible access to all substation and distribution devices, 
    from any authorized user or application
  • Preserves investment in legacy devices and control center applications
  • Protocol conversion/normalization of legacy and current protocols
  • Support for both SCADA and non-SCADA hosts (e.g. PI historian)
  • Automated retrieval of fault file data from relays and digital fault recorders
  • Powerful Soft PLC automation processor available
  • Reliable extraction/presentation of relay target data
  • Wide range of security options
  • Web interface for data and diagnostic visibility

Supported Devices and Protocols

  • ADLP 180
  • BE-TAC
  • C2000
  • C2000D
  • C2100H
  • C2100M
  • CDC 44-500 (type 1 & 2)
  • Conitel 2020 & 2025
  • Courier
  • DNP 3.0 (serial & IP)
  • Fisher Pierce CCU7B & CCU7C
  • GE-TAC
  • Granger S8000
  • Harris 5000 & 6000
  • Harris Micro III
  • HDLCAM IEC 870-5-101
  • Indactic 33 & 35
  • Landis & Gyr 6000
  • Landis&Gyr 8979
  • Modbus (serial & IP)
  • MPS 9000-S
  • PERT 26/31
  • QUIN
  • RECON 1.1
  • Rockwell 5010
  • RP 570
  • SC 1801
  • SEL fast messaging
  • Sinaut 8FW
  • TRWC 9550
  • Van-Comm