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EZP-250(A) is a module for manufacturers who want to quickly and easily embed PPP connectivity in their products. This very compact module helps your devices get PPP connectivity with just serial connection through 2G, TRS or Dial-up network. Applying this module, not only you can reduce cost and risk, but also you can shorten development time to add the network capability. Because EZP-250(A) allows to extend the distance of your serial communication system, you are able to remotely control and monitor the serial devices over the Internet anywhere you are.

Benefits & Features

  • Remote Monitoring and Controlling serial devices over PPP network
  • 1 x UART for serial device(3.3V/5V-TTL, up to 115,200bps) available on RS232 extension
    - The avarage data rate : about 5K bps in the PPP network
  • 1 x UART for cell phone, dial-up or TRS modem
  • Very compact size : 34mm x 20mm
  • Dedicated commands to control EZP-250(A)
  • 2 Communication modes (TCP client and UDP)
  • Firmware upgrade through Serial
  • Virtual COM Port Redirector for Windows OS (ezVSP)
  • Environmentally-friendly RoHS compliant