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Rapid deploy, Outdoor Wireless Access Point

The RD-WL-3603-01 is a component option for IVC’s RD series camera system. This assembly provides a wireless radio to act as an access point for the camera system. The radio is preconfigured and mounted on a rugged tripod with specially engineered quick connect assemblies to facilitate easy set up and breakdown. Reusable carrying cases are provided to transport the component from site to site. The access point would be connected to a wired network to provide LAN, WAN, or Internet access to video from connected cameras

The system is designed for use with the RD-PTZ-3130-01 and other tripod-mounted camera/radio assemblies in the RD Series family. The radio includes an integrated 14 dBi antenna to support line of sight distances of up to 2 miles.

The RD-WL-3603-01 is equipped with SMARTPolling™, a powerful prioritization scheme designed to ensure the most effective use of available bandwidth. SMARTPolling™ allows the AP to dynamically and adaptively poll each RD Series camera, favoring cameras that are engaged in sending video guaranteeing the lowest latency for those devices.

The RD Series camera system is ideal for use in applications that require temporary remote video monitoring such construction sites, public event monitoring, or disaster management.