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Product Description

The RUGGEDCOM RSG2488 provides up to 28 non-blocking ports that can be configured as 10/100/1000TX copper, 100FX, 1000SX or 1000LX fiber. With its 1U form factor and vertical loading design, the RUGGEDCOM RSG2488 provides users with the flexibility and field maintenance simplicity needed to efficiently implement, maintain and evolve a broadband local area network.

RUGGEDCOM RSG2488 can operate as an IEEE 1588 transparent clock, ordinary clock, master clock and supports both 1-step and 2-step operations. The available PTP module also allows the RUGGEDCOM RSG2488 to get timing information from GPS and serve as a grandmaster clock for downstream time recipients. 

The RUGGEDCOM RSG2488 is a modular and field replaceable platform that allows you to select amongst Ethernet options, making it ideally suited for electric power utilities, the industrial plant floor, rail and traffic control systems.

Product Features & Specs

Extreme flexibility

  • Support for up to a total of 28 non-blocking ports

(six 4-port modules plus two 2-port modules)

  • Up to 28 Ethernet ports: full 10/100/1000TX, full 1000SX/LX, full 100FX or any mixture therein with different connector options and a minimum of two ports
  • -40° C to +85° C operating temperature (fanless)
  • All-aluminum construction
  • Supports Siemens FastConnect™ RJ45 cabling system

Dual redundant smart power supplies

  • Hot-swappable, cable-free
  • HI voltage AC/DC: 88 – 300 VDC or 85 – 264 VAC
  • Low voltage range: 24 (13 – 36 VDC), 48 (37 – 72 VDC)
  • Smart power supplies able to detect loss of input voltage

Cyber Security Features

  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) using SSH
  • Web-based management using SSL
  • RADIUS-Authentication service for device management
  • 1024-bit RSA encryption for key management and key exchange

RuggedRated™ for Reliability in Harsh Environments

  • Immunity to EMI and heavy electrical surges
  • Zero-Packet-Loss Technology
    • Meets IEEE 1613 Class 2 (electric utility substations)
    • Exceeds IEC 61850-3 (electric utility substations)
    • Exceeds IEC 61000-6-2 (generic industrial)
  • -40° C to +85° C operating temperature (fanless)
  • Conformal coated printed circuit boards (optional)

Rugged Operating System (ROS®) features

  • Simple plug-and-play operation – automatic learning, negotiation, and crossover detection
  • MSTP 802.1Q-2005 (formerly 802.1s)
  • RSTP (802.1w) and Enhanced Rapid Spanning Tree
  • eRSTP network fault recovery
  • Quality of service (802.1p) for real-time traffic
  • Port rate limiting
  • Port configuration, status, statistics, mirroring, security
  • SNTP time synchronization (client and server)
  • Web-based, Telnet, CLI management interfaces
  • SNMP v1/v2/v3
  • Rich set of diagnostics with logging and alarms