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IVC’s Relay Server Software is the camera management and control center for our video system. This enterprise application allows for a full range of IP camera control and viewing over a LAN, WAN, VPN or the Internet. Live and prerecorded video can be viewed and controlled from virtually anywhere. Tools are provided to created named preset positions and panorama controls for PTZ cameras.

This enterprise class software is fully scalable; capable of supporting hundreds of cameras simultaneously. It is browser-based and provides API’s and ActiveX controls to integrate video into SCADA and other applications.

The Relay Server Software is used to define and manage networked IP cameras as well as system wide attributes like the server IP address, storage space available and frame rates stored. Access to cameras and system functions are controlled through privileges and priorities assigned to each user by the system administrator.

The Relay Server provides system administrators a variety of tools to remotely manage a large network of IP video cameras. Using the Relay Server’s web interface, users with the proper rights can:

                Create privilege groups and users

                Configure connected cameras

                Create presets for PTZ cameras

                Create panoramas for PTZ cameras

                Define storage parameters

                Create custom buttons to control connected devices

                Move PTZ cameras


                Take snapshots from cameras

                Record video clips from cameras

                Display saved snapshots

                Playback recorded video

                Manage archived video and snapshot files

                Define bandwidth management parameters

Part Number



Provides single IP access and control for one IP addressable camera.


Provides single IP access and control for up to four IP addressable cameras.


Provides single IP access and control for up to eight IP addressable cameras.


Provides single IP access and control for up to sixteen IP addressable cameras.


Provides single IP access and control for up to twenty four IP addressable cameras.