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RuggedDirector™ is RuggedCom’s serial port redirection application that is designed to extend the life and reach of applications written for serial communications. With RuggedDirector, serial port communications are no longer limited by serial protocol cable length requirements or physical port counts that restrict the design and flexibility of networks and the ability to manage them. Using RuggedDirector™, the application communications destined for host serial ports are mapped to the host LAN ports for transport across a TCP/IP network to RuggedCom serial servers. This allows the host to be located centrally for easier management and maintenance and provides access to many more serial devices. The redirection is done seamlessly and with no modification required to the host application providing extended life to both the application and the serial device that it communicates with.

Getting up and running quickly is easy with the Windows based graphical user interface. Simply provide the port parameters on the application host and the RuggedCom serial server and RuggedDirector™ automatically generates the required connections. The main interface window shows the connected ports, status and the number of packets sent and received providing real time information on the health of system. Troubleshooting is simplified with the logging feature of
RuggedDirector™ the data flow on a selected port can be monitored in the detail dialogue window and directed to a file for further analysis.

RuggedDirector™ saves time and cost allowing legacy serial devices and applications to communicate over LAN connections without modification to hardware or software. RuggedDirector™ is a complimentary software package designed to work with RuggedCom serial device servers.


  • Redirect serial port traffic over the network extending the
    life and range of serial devices
  • Eliminate physical port restriction with up to 128 virtual serial ports
  • Intuitive Windows based GUI to get up and running quickly
  • Monitor real-time status and log traffic for quick problem resolution
  • Load and save configuration profiles for backup and migration
  • Re-use existing applications without modifications